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David Hutt (@davidhuttjourno) is a British freelance political journalist and columnist based between the Czech Republic and the UK, covering European politics and foreign affairs, Europe-Asia relations and Southeast Asian politics.

  • a research fellow at the Central European Institute of Asian Studies (CEIAS), an independent think tank, where he is also editor.
  • an associate editor at Contemporary Southeast Asia, an internationally peer-reviewed academic journal. 
  • the "Southeast Asia Columnist" for the Diplomat, where he writes a weekly column.
  • a columnist and correspondent for Asia Times, where he has reported on Southeast Asian politics since 2016. 
  • a regular contribution to Deutsche Welle covering Europe-Asia relations. 
  • He is also a regular contributor to Economist Intelligence Unit,

His articles have also appeared in the Radio Free AsiaForeign Policy, Nikkei Asia, South China Morning Post, Forbes, World Politics Review, and others. 

His essays have appeared in the Times Literary Supplement, The New HumanistReaction:Life, Spiked, and The Article

He has written for a number of academic publications and for think-tanks, including lnternationale Politik QuarterlyRoyal United Services Institute, the EU-Asia Centre, ChinaObservers, Limes Italian Review of Geopolitics, and the Journal of Greater Mekong Studies. 

He is also a political and risk consultant for a number of years, providing reports for Control Risks, Access Asia Consulting, the Media Development Investment Fund and the Diplomat Risk Intelligence unit, amongst others.

He was previously based in Cambodia (2014-2019), reporting on Asian politics and economics. Before that, he was based in Nicaragua (2013-2014), covering Central American affairs. 

He was formerly a reporter at the Southeast Asia Globe and editor of Focus ASEAN. He served as president of the Overseas Press Club of Cambodia between 2018 and 2019, and as a visiting fellow at Future Forum, a Phnom Penh-based think tank. 

A regularly updated list of his articles can be found here

Speaking at the Institute of International Relations Prague

Covering US-North Korea peace talks in Hanoi

What his critics say....

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, one of longest-serving leaders in the world, on my reporting

"David Hutt is a go-to writer and encyclopaedia on all-thing-bad about Cambodia. He can write weekly and has great talent in spotting everything wrong about whatever Cambodia is doing." (Khmer Times)

Cambodia’s Hun Sen plots his long-awaited exit

After 36 years in power, is Hun Sen plotting a safe departure from politics?

COVID: Why is Europe donating so many vaccines to Vietnam? | DW | 03.09.2021

Italy and Romania last week became the latest European countries to donate COVID-19 vaccines to Vietnam. In previous weeks, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and France all gave doses to Hanoi.

The nature of democratic socialism in America today | The

What exactly do Americans mean when they talk about “democratic socialism”?

Are the Czech Social Democrats locked in a death spiral?

Not so long ago, the Czech Republic's centre-left Social Democratic Party (CSSD) was an electoral force to be reckoned with. At the six general elections after the formation of the new state in 1993 and up until 2017, it came first on four occasions and took the second spot at the rest.

The UK Should Align with Biden in the Indo-Pacific

Having failed to beat the EU to the Indo-Pacific, and with US–EU relations less than ideal ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration this month, the UK could carve out a niche in Asia by aligning with US policy.

The Problems of Reciprocity | Internationale Politik Quarterly

Tensions between Europe and China have been growing uncharacteristically hostile this year; in fact, they arguably haven’t been this dire since 1990, buoyed by a European populace whose unfavorable views of China are at a decade-long high.

Cambodia's secret Khmer Rouge resistance

“Sometimes, I miss the Khmer Rouge days,” says Youk Chhang, cradling a photograph of a field specked with trees and flowers in his hands. “That is where I lived during those times. People died there. My family died there. But in the mornings, when I went to work, I saw the flowers blossom, and I was so happy. It gave you hope. It meant you didn’t give in to the Khmer Rouge.”

The Cowardice of Aung San Suu Kyi

The life of a politician is made infinitely easier when, as the saying goes, their actions are judged by their reputation, and not the other way around. Such a phrase is befitting of Myanmar’s de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi, whom the media can describe with a number of glowing phrases: Nobel prize laureate, democracy icon, human rights defender, champion of the Myanmar people. However, Keith Harper, who served as former U.S. President Barack Obama’s ambassador to the UN Human Rights Council,

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